Wed, Feb 8th, 2012
posted by JC Pontaza 02:02 PM

I have been involved in a couple of projects related to this topic and I have seen the same issue, the plan is to build a good tool and open it to the public, with no strategy on how to make it fly, but this article describe very well a way to put on wheels and start the engine to your EES.

Enterprise Social Software : Remember the Water.

Wed, Feb 1st, 2012
posted by JC Pontaza 06:02 PM

Every time I remember how we used to debug web applications on the browser makes me appreciate even more the nice tools Firefox provides.

Firefox 10 Arrives With New Dev Tools and Full-Screen API.

Fri, Jan 27th, 2012
posted by JC Pontaza 08:01 PM

Not very useful, but very nice to see the quality colors and animations that can be done with Canvas..


Fri, Jan 27th, 2012
posted by JC Pontaza 08:01 PM

Yes, HTML5 video feature specification seems to be very powerful, but not yet finalized and not everybody agreeing.
The problem with HTML5 video is that Web Browsers still don’t agree on what video format should be supported, some wants a proprietary solution, some other obviously want the open source free solution, so they support the version format they like, until everybody agree on something (hopefully soon), they force us to have the videos on different formats, for example:

<video controls=”controls” autoplay=”autoplay”>
<source src=”pics/video/gizmo.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″ />
<source src=”pics/video/gizmo.webm” type=”video/webm” />
<source src=”pics/video/gizmo.ogv” type=”video/ogg” />
Video not playing? <a href=”pics/video/gizmo.mp4″>Download file</a> instead.

What the browser is going to do is test every video format and check if is supported until it finds the correct one, but that leave us with a big maintenance issue.

A good temporary solution is to make use of services like Pro.

They host, convert and server the video depending on your browser.

Fri, Jan 27th, 2012
posted by JC Pontaza 08:01 PM

I am working on migrating a Flex application to HTML5. This application opens a Flash Socket to the server to be able to have a constant communication between the server and client. During the design I immediately though about WebSocket, nice… problem solved. One characteristic of this connection is that I only need it to send update events from the server to the client, I will never execute a transaction from the client using this channel, then I discovered this new HTML5 feature, Server Events. It very similar to WebSocket but its only one way communication.

Server-Sent Events | HTML5 Doctor.

Fri, Jul 29th, 2011
posted by JC Pontaza 08:07 PM

Very interesting survey, not very scientific but it gives you something to think about, I guess it has to do a lot with the age of the people and technical knowledge, but for now you can make fun of people using it..;-)

Are Internet Explorer users dumb? –

Tue, May 31st, 2011
posted by JC Pontaza 12:05 PM

After updating to the latest Firefox version every time I try to debug it would show me the not funny gray screen of Flash Crashing

1. Goto firefox config by typing about:config in the firefox address bar
2. Click on the I’ll be careful, I promise button.
3. Type dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs
4. Find value and double click and change the value to -1
This changes the default timeout value from 45 secs to unlimited. This should solve the issue.

Tue, May 24th, 2011
posted by JC Pontaza 01:05 PM

A couple a weeks ago I attended to the Web 2.0 expo, I did it for a few reasons, one was to learn from people, its incredible what you can learn just by talking with people in this kind of events, but also a very important reason was to know what is going on with the UI technologies today, what new companies are using, is people really implementing HTML5 features, what is the feeling about Flash/Flex etc. I was not surprise to me that many people are still relying in Flash in one or another way, some people choose Flex for different reasons, Video, more interactive UI, faster development, easy deployment, real time data, etc.

Many people tend to compare them and say that HTML5 will replace Flash, many of those are people that have never done any Flex/Flash application and probably don’t have the enough knowledge about Flash technologies to make that bold statement.

Before I say anything, I have to say that I like HTML very much, but I like Flash/Flex too. One thing is clear, “free and standard” technology is most of the time better than “proprietary standard” technology, but as always, your requirements should drive the decision of picking the right technology. Sometimes when you are trying to do something that “free and standard” can’t do, you can always consider a well accepted and distributed technology that gives you much more.

-Is much more than just a structure markup language (currently there is a debate about HTML5 is the specification name only and still want to keep the name of HTML only), most of the time implicitly includes CSS, Javascrip, jQuery, Ajax, etc.
-Its currently W3C is currently in a draft format and constantly changing (Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Apple are participating).
- The big changes are:
- , , .
-Enriched semantics.
-Offline storage, database.
- More:

At this point Ajax is a very stable and well accepted technology implemented successfully on many libraries. Mostly used on a HTML presentation but also used on Adobe Air.

Is a complete platform, not only a technology to build applications and not directly comparable to HTML.
It uses ActionScript that is ECMA262 based dialect for declaring dynamic behavior.
Includes side channel communications like RTMP.

They both things that the other one don’t have, and they both have cons.

For example:
Flash       HTML
Anyone can provide input?                      Yes         Yes
Standard can change? (Drop API)          Yes         Yes(Web SQL)
Vendor advantage or control                   Yes          Not likely- Possible
Consistent implementations                   (+) Likely (-) Likely
Speed of Innovation                                  Faster       Slower
Current state of innovation                     Active        Active

The truth is that HTML5 and Flash should not be compared at this point, HTML5 specification does not cover all the features that Flash provides, so Flash is still going to be the preferred technology for some kind of applications, and HTML5 new features will take a few years to be adopted by all the browsers ( There are enough applications out there and enough different requirements that both can live together and help each other.

I like to finish with a say from John Nack:
“This isn’t about one technology (HTML, Flash) vs. another; it’s about putting customers, and the solutions to their problems, ahead of any technology.”




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